Mallorca motorhome, the origins.

I would like to dedicate this first blog to my best friend and his wife, and of course my beautiful wife, as they are an integral part of where it all began. It all started in 2010 when, in the middle of a worldwide economic crisis, I called my best friend and we decided to make the the trip of our lives and travel the entire East coast of Australia in a motorhome with our wives.

We travelled for 3 weeks in a motorhome, where we discovered a different way of traveling, without being limited or tied to a fixed place, while being in constant contact with nature and making the most of the natural resources we had. There was no check in or check out times; no time schedule to adhere to and we were in total control of our daily diaries. During those days, I told myself two things; (1) at some point in my life I was going to buy a motorhome and (2), that at some stage I would return to Australia. I accomplished the first one 3 years ago and unfortunately I am still to complete the 2nd one!!!

It is for those reasons that now, coincidentally during another economic crisis (worldwide pandemic), thanks to the learnings and experiences of the past 3 years with my different motorhomes, that the opportunity has arisen to create this unique business adventure, to provide state of the art motorhomes to both locals and tourists alike. In this way, I allow people to enjoy our wonderful island in a liberal way.

Salut, GASSSSS and km’s !!!!

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